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As a system supplier of rubber and plastic technologies, we spend time to get in dialogue with our customers to find the most optimally solution for requested application. Our long experience of rubber technology, our high quality and excellent conditions are basicly for a trusting and constructive partnership.

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  • rubber-metal-buffer
  • machine bearing
  • Ultra bushes
  • conical mount
  • engine mount

  • level mount
  • cap mount
  • hollow spring
  • hollow buffer
  • screw isolator

  • rubber-metal-bar / rail
  • U-rail
  • U-mounts
  • ring elements
  • hydro mounts

Agriculture machinery

Ultra bushes / silentblocs, hydro bushes, conical mounts, hydro mounts, cab mounts, cylindrical bobbins and buffers are in use for vibration control solutions and damping.

Vehicle manufacturig

Conical mounts, cab mounts, hydro mounts, flanged mountings, hollow rubber springs, ultra bushes / silentblocs, are in use for chassis, cabines and devices on lorries, trailers and other vehicles.

Mechanical engineering

To reduce noise of engines, pumps in devices and machines, they were mounted on captive mounts / machine feet, flanged mountings, hollow rubber springs, levelling feet or rubber metal bars / rail mounts.

Air conditioning and cooling technology

Captive mounts / machine feet, cylindrical bobbins, ring buffer, cup mounts and anti-vibration mats are in use to put up devices and machines for air conditioning and cooling technology.

Rail and train systems

Depending on demand are conical mountings, rubber metal rail mounts, ultra bushes / silentblocs, spherical / eccentric bushes, engine mounts, failsafe mounts or special anti-vibration parts the best choice to use in applications of railway and train systems. Special steels and rubbers for use on very low temperatures are available.

Construction machines

To reduce noise and to increase comfort in construction machines, the following parts are in use: conical mountings, cab mounts, hydro mounts, ultra bushes / silentblocs, hydro bushes, captive mounts / machine feet.

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