Vibration control

Machines, engines, pumps and other devices generate vibrations and noise. That can strain and damage other devices, buildings, the environment and people´s health. The right choice of elastic elements is important to find a remedy.

We offer advice, calculation and solutions for your success. As well as standard parts we supply elements for special demands.

  • Parts according your drawing, in small batches too.
  • Metal parts with special protection surface
  • Stainless steel parts
  • CR, EPDM, NBR, H-NBR, FKM, Silicone, polyurethane and more
  • Assembly of parts

Depending on application can be used:

  • Captive mounts, cone mounts, cab mounts, bobbins, buffers, bars / rails, U-rails, bushes, cupmounts, marine mounts, genset mounts, hydro mounts, rubber rings, T-bushes, sandwich mounts, O-mounts, hollow springs, isolation mats.
  • Rubber metal bonded parts acc. drawing and customers’ specification, solutions with stainless steel and with special protected surface.
  • Levelling mounts, metal springs, steel cable mounts
  • Silicone metal bonded parts, polyurethane metal parts,
  • Alternative parts acc. these brands and many other.

In the download area You´ll find in our catalog more information for standard parts. Beyond that we offer much more types and solutions. Technical feasible capabilities can be offered by a2tec as well.

Ask us for the optimally solution!

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Metallastik®, Novibra® are registered trademarks of Trelleborg AB

Molded rubber parts

With our manifold possibilities we´ll find a perfect solution for Your application.

Economical tools, the right choice of elastomer and the quality in every step of the process, together with our experience, are the basis for Your elastic part solution. In the narrowly dialog with the customer, we´ll find an answer and present a product in an economical lot for the enquired demands.

We create drawings, data-files, documentation and reports. Laboratory checks and reports are possible on demand.

We supply:

  • Rubber molded parts from all popular rubber as NR, NBR, SBR, CR, EPDM, FKM and many more.
  • Molded parts from silicone, polyurethane and thermoplastic elastomers.
  • Molded parts bonded with metal and suitable plastics.
  • Modified rubber and elastomers acc. Your demand.
  • Precisely molded and finished parts.
  • Small lots with very economical tool costs (from 1 cav. tools).
  • Average and big lots from maximum cavities.

The products in detail:

  • Rubber metal bobbins and buffers, stop buffers, rubber bobbins
  • Hollow buffers and springs
  • Caps, rubber feets
  • O-rings, sealing, gaskets
  • Molded hoses
  • Parts from two components or different hardness
  • and many more…

Many parts You´ll find in our download area.

Please talk to us when You´re going to change the manufacturer of actual parts. Often we´re able to offer under very good conditions and prices, so the investigation in new tooling is economical.

We also offer storage and delivery on demand, when bigger lots should be produced economical and the lots of delivery have to be as small as possible.

After manufacturing we can also assembly parts acc. your specification.

Fast response and excellent customer service are as a matter of course.

We hope that You´ll find our first information of interest and we look forward to start discussing and working on Your requirements of antivibration and other elastic parts.

other rubber parts

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